Curious Displays Fills Your Home With Tiny, Autonomous Displays

I love weirdo concept designs as much as the next guy, but these "Curious Displays" seem a bit too far out of left field for me. Essentially, they're hundreds of mini display blocks that can form wherever they want.

So if you needed a reminder of where the remote was, a bunch could go form an arrow pointing at it. A bunch more could make up a shopping list for you near the fridge. And so on and so forth.

My issue is that it just all seems so impractical. How often do you need a location-based display? How many problems that this system claims to solve couldn't be solved more cheaply and easily on an already-existing device, like a phone or a tablet?

But who knows, I'm no futurist. Maybe Curious Displays are the wave of the future. Then again, maybe not. [Curious Displays via Boing Boing]

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