Crowbot Puts An Army Of Crows At Your Command

If this Crowbot, which can attract and repel crows with the playback of different recordings, isn't quite weird enough for you, wait until you hear about Crowbot Jenny, the elusive superhero babe who uses it to command her crow army.

What do you get when the worlds of superheroes, manga, technology and crows collide? Crowbot Jenny and her Crowbot, a character and project conceived by Hiromi Ozaki to explore animals and our interactions with them.

To do so, Ozaki consulted two leading crow experts at the University of Cambridge and came up with the Crowbot, a device that can communicate with the birds via a variety of crow calls. That would be enough, you'd think, but Ozaki thought the Crowbot needed a shoulder to perch upon. Enter Crowbot Jenny, "a reclusive girl who prefers to spend time surrounded by technology and animals rather than with humans". Right.

When she's not off doing bizarro superhero stuff, Crowbot Jenny is helping out with bird-related research at University of Cambridge.

OK, so its not exactly a crow army she's dealing with quite yet. But it's nice to see some imagination going into this research and the technology that's behind it. [We Make Money Not Art via Bot Junkie]

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