Conceptual Live Checking Card Shames Users With Spending History

Sure, online checking accounts are but a mouse click away, but that's how the Facebook crowd does banking. I want the future. Real-time Rainbows End type banking, with account information presented on the card itself, for all to see.

The designers say the tech powering the card would be e-ink and RFID. One displays your accumulated spending, and the other to check purchase histories and match them up to bank account transactions. The built-in shame the card provides is powered by millions of years of evolution and your significant other's glaring and/or verbal/physical abuse when you return home from the mall.

And yes, this card means privacy is out the window, but this is the future, people. If Google has taught us anything about the future, it's that privacy doesn't matter. [Yanko Design via OhGizmo via Geekologie]

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