Comcast Rebrands Itself As Xfinity. Seriously? That's All You've Got?

So, Comcast has some public image issues. And what do you do when you want to fix the perception but not the underlying problems? Change your name! Change it to the worst, pseudo-pornographic, retro-futuristic garbage money can buy.

Do you get it, people? It's infinity, which is awesome, and X, which is dangerous. It's, like, dangerously awesome.

The overhaul will apply to Comcast's technology platform and products, which means all you malcontent Comcast cable, internet and phone customers will soon be malcontent Xfinity cable, internet and phone customers. They'll start rolling out the rebranding next week in about a dozen markets, with the rest of the country getting the Xfinity treatment later this month.

This comes at a time, conveniently enough, when Comcast would possibly want to divert the conversation away from its upcoming merger with NBC. It's working, at least on the gushing official Comcast Blog. Well, I guess someone has to. [Comcast Blog via Consumerist]

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