Columbia's Heated Bugathermo Boots Aren't Really So Hot

Outside spent two months wearing Columbia's $US250 lithium-ion-packing heater boots through snow. Unfortunately, the promise of toasty winter feet is little more than a promise.

Not only were the boots, in both men's and women's configurations, heavy and uncomfortable; the Bugathermos weren't especially warm, either.

And the embedded heaters? I could barely feel the warmth. When hiking on a ten-degree [-12C]day with the heat turned on for one foot but off for the other, my feet felt about the same.

Especially given the fact that toes are amongst the parts of your body most prone to frostbite, it's a shame to hear the Bugathermos didn't perform better. And until they do, I'm sticking with keeping my feet warm the old fashioned way - slicing open the nearest Tauntaun and coating my hiking boots with scalding hot blubber. [Outside and Columbia]

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