Chinese iPad Knockoff Maker Charges Apple With Plagiarism

Well, this is a fun reversal. Shenzhen Great Loong Brother has been manufacturing the P88 - which looks just like, hey, a giant iPhone - for about six months. And they're pretty ticked that Apple has so blatantly stolen their idea.

OK, so maybe the P88 and iPad don't have that much in common. Or really, hardly anything. The P88 has a resistive screen, has a 250GB hard drive, an Ethernet port, a webcam and runs Windows. It also gets an hour and a half of battery life, and costs, um, $US525. Still! The intellectual property of Shenzhen Great Loong Brother will not be wrongly appropriated! At least, not if SGLB president Xiaolong Wu has anything to say about it:

We are considering legal action, but we can not do much in the United States. But if Apple brings the iPad to China, we will be forced to denounce them, because it will certainly affect our sales.

Keep considering, Xiaolong Wu. There's a long line of Apple lawsuits ahead of you, some of which actually seem to have an iota of merit. [El Mundo via Wired]

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