ChiliBed: World's First Heating And Cooling Mattress

I'd probably never use an electric blanket - I've just heard too many horror stories that include elements like burn marks and houses transformed to ash. But a water cooled/heated mattress? That sounds downright brilliant.

The ChiliBed is similar to all the memory foam mattresses you've seen advertised lately, but inside its core, water is either heated or cooled while it passes through coils, generating a massive temperature flux that should emanate naturally from your sleep surface.

But the real reason this product felt so remarkable? The claimed temperature range is impressively (and maybe even dangerously?) wide, accommodating those of you who'd like to sleep in environments spanning from 9C to 48C - and each member of the bed (assuming you're just sleeping with one other person) can have their own temperature controls.

Technically, I find the ChiliBed to be quite clever. Practically, well, neither temperature extreme sounds particularly healthy.

Still, bundled with the right level of research, it'd be neat if the ChiliBed could adjust temperatures in sync with your sleeping patterns, helping you rest or, heck, just sweat/shiver off some of your excess weight. [ChiliBed]

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