Carr, Arrington, Mossberg Discuss iPad At Virtual Round Table

Thursday night's edition of the Charlie Rose Show brought David Carr, Michael Arrington and Walt Mossberg together to discuss the iPad. Having used the iPad briefly, all three seem optimistic about what it has to offer.

Though we've already heard Mosspuppet's pre-emptive review of the iPad, it's interesting to see all three of these influential voices discussing Apple's upcoming device in one forum. And what emerges is that all of them, to varying extents, are excited about the iPad's promise.

At one point, David Carr says, "I think there's a revolution in the fact that you lean back and read something," and this, the possibility of a more casual version of computing, seems to be the iPad's greatest promise in the minds of all three reporters. And after reading the 1994 Rolling Stone interview with Steve Jobs that recently resurfaced, it's clear that Jobs is at his most passionate when he has locked in on a revolution to champion. [TechCrunch]

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