Buff Buckypaper Makes Steel Sob Into Tub Of Ben And Jerry's

Nanotech wonder Buckypaper is 10 times lighter and 500 times stronger than steel. And while academic research labs have successfully synthesised the stuff for years, the first architectural firm has just made Buckypaper on their own.

NY's Decker Yeardon just revealed their first thin sheet of the stuff - a "paper" made up of carbon nanotubes that, aside from being absurdly strong and light, can serve functions like filtering and heat dispersion. Their first piece measures just 90mm in diameter, but that's not stopping Decker Yeardon from imagining the possibilities:

We're hopeful that this new Buckypaper can be used as a thin, flexible electrode surface in an artificial muscle that we're developing for architecture.

But as much as the prospect of a flexing Burj Khalifa excites us all, it's probably not a bad time to remember, we haven't exactly don't a ton of research as to the effects of of these materials on our own bodies. [Decker Yeardon via Nanoarchitecture via Inhabitat]

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