Breast Pumps Are The Vital Ingredient In Drink Mixing Robot

Not content in just making a drink-pouring robot, the guys at Evil Mad Scientist wanted to make a drink-mixing robot. You know, so they can charge more.

But to build one, they had to find the right pump. And the best one for their use, interestingly enough, is a breast pump.

If there's one consumer group that I can expect to be more picky than me when it comes to food safety it's new mothers, so these pumps— designed to move food grade fluids without contamination— aren't actually a crazy thing to consider. They are cleanable, don't use much power, and are inexpensive. Amazon sells a pair of these "Evenflo Comfort Select Performance" units for $US45. (Try as I might, I could not find a three-pack anywhere.)

And if you know me, you'll know I like white russians, so I cannot wait to see how a breast pump-created white russian will taste like. You can go ahead and use actual breast milk too, I don't mind. [Evil Mad Scientist via MAKE]

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