Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

I saw Avatar again last night. Nowhere near as good as the first time - seems to me that not all cinemas are created equal when it comes to showing 3D. Might have to look into that a bit more for you guys... Anyway, here's the wrap:

Rumour: Nintendo DS 2 Being Tested By Developers Anyone planning on upgrading?

Google Admits Buzz Testing Sucked And They Are “Very, Very Sorry” Of course they are. It was a PR disaster...

Astronauts Turn ISS Into TIE Fighter Do you think they have a Darth Vader voice changing helmet up there? That would be awesome!

Joke Of The Week: Microsoft Plans To Charge For Its Mobile OS That's going to hurt their cause.

Create Your Homegrown 3D Avatar Movie For $US250 I doubt you'll make a billion dollars though.

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