Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

This morning I’m having breakfast with the folks from Olympus while they show us their latest range of snappers. Not sure if that includes the E-PL1, but I haven’t got my hopes up yet. Onto the wrap!

Bug Causes Toyota Recall Of Almost Half A Million New Hybrid Cars
Terrible timing for Toyota AU, considering they just launched the Hybrid Camry (which this doesn’t effect)

Apple Aperture 3 Brings A Little Bit Of iPhoto To Pro Photos
Is this good news for pro photographers? Who knows!

Have You Ever Seen A Lunar Rainbow?
You have now!

Panasonic’s First 3DTV (Viera TH-P54VT) Is $US5900
Looks like 3D comes with a premium.

Shock: When You Raise iTunes Prices, People Buy Less Stuff
Thanks, Captain Obvious! Oh wait, you mean the studios didn’t realise that would happen? D’oh!