Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Sony are showing off (some? all?) their CES stuff this morning, so stay tuned for those announcements later today. Also, if you’re headed to Byteside tonight, come say hello.

Designer Hints At Multitouch Support For Windows Mobile 7
I want more than hints, thanks designers.

LG Selling 20-Inch OLEDs This Year, 30-Inch And 40-Inch Coming
I’ll take 10. On credit. Your credit, if you please.

Logitech App Turns iPhones Into A Trackpad And Keyboard, For Free
That actually sounds practical.

Phantom Menace Review Guy Takes On Avatar
This should be good.

This Is The Gaming Phone Nokia Needs To Make
Really? Nokia need to make a gaming phone? I doubt it.

The Apple iPad Keynote In 3 Minutes Of Adjectives