Breakdancing Body Is No Match For Microsoft Natal's Sensors

It's possible that you've been reading reports of Microsoft's body-sensing Natal system with some scepticism, wondering, "how well can this cockamamie set up possibly work?" Well, going by this video of it tracking a guy breakdancing, pretty damn well.

As best we can guess, Natal will be making its way to Xboxes sometime this fall. That's still a good deal of waiting we've got ahead of us, so every once in a while it's nice to have a reminder of why we're so excited. February's reminder: this video of Natal perfectly tracking a dude dancing during the requisite playground ball demo game.

If you were concerned that Natal's 1/10th second lag was going to cramp your motion-control gaming style, well, it isn't. [Project Natal Games - Thanks, Jordan!]

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