Blockbuster Movies Leaving TiVo On March 5

Back when HybridTV launched their Caspa service for TiVo back in December last year, they told us that it would run alongside the BlockBuster Movies service. Well that all ends on March 5 according to an email notification sent out to Blockbuster Movie Service customers overnight.

From March 6, the Blockbuster Movies menu option on the TiVo will disappear, along with the ability to download new films. Any movies already downloaded will be available as per the viewing rules, but any pending items to download will cancelled and refunded. Any credit sitting in your Blockbuster wallet will also be refunded.

It kind of makes sense - now that HybridTV is doing the exact same thing for themselves, it hardly makes sense for Blockbuster to compete with them on the TiVo device. Still, Blockbuster is still releasing new movies all through this month, so if you want to use up your credit rather than getting a refund, now's the time to do it...

[Thanks Tim!]

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