Best Do Something About That RC Copy Of Windows 7 Soon

Did you install the release candidate of Windows 7 on your laptop, boasting to your non-tech friends how you had a free version of the new OS before it was released? Well all that's about to come crashing down around you, with Microsoft sending out a gentle reminder that come March 1, your PC will start shutting down every two hours.

If you think that means you just get a break every couple of hours, keep in mind that there's no Autosave feature in this - everything unsaved when the PC shuts down will be lost. And if you manage to put up with it until June, the C software will then take away your wallpaper and display a notice that says “This copy of Windows is not genuine” in the lower right corner above the taskbar.

So best do something about it before the end of this month. And if you'd rather not fork out the cash for Windows 7, you could always try a version of Linux...


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