Belkin Cooling Pad Gives Your Lap A Breather

Everyone knows that laptops can get hot. We're talking uncomfortably, disconcertingly, something-in-there's-gotta-be-melting hot. Belkin's new laptop pad not only lifts your computer off of your legs but packs a USB-powered fan to keep your laptop cool. Cool!

With a sleek, curved shape, a USB-powered fan to circulate hot air away from your machine, and some patent-pending bit of design dubbed the AirFlow Wing, Belkin claims their new F5L055 cooling pad is "proven to cool better than others on the market".

That may be true, but in a category cluttered with music-playing monsters and featured-packed lapdesks, Belkin's simple, unobtrusive design is really what makes its cooling pad worth checking out.

If you agree, you can pre-order the pad, also available in black, from Amazon for $US25. According to Belkin, it will make its way to laps everywhere in April. [CrunchGear]

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