Asus Upgrades Seashell Netbooks With N450 Atom Processor

Asus' original Seashell netbooks' were extremely well reviewed here on Giz, and the latest version to hit Aussie shelves is even better. Alongside Windows 7 Starter, they now claim up to 14 hours battery life in the 1005PE, thanks to the new Atom N450 processor.

There are three new models in the range, the 1005P, 1005PE and the 1008P (catchy, I know). They all have the new N450 processor, all boast a 10.1-inch LED backlit screen, all have 1GB RAM, all come with a 250GB HDD. The differences arise in the battery: the 1005P has a 6 cell, 48Wh Li-ion battery, the 1005PE has a 6 cell, 63Wh Li-ion and the 1008P has a 3 cell, 32Wh Li-ion.

The three models are available now, for $499, $549 and $599 for the 1005P, 1005PE and 1008P respectively.


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