Asus G73 Stealth Laptop On Sale For $US1430

Asus surprised everyone at CES with, not another small Eee, but a honking 3.6kg, 17-inch laptop with stealth bomber envy, called the G73. Now, out of nowhere again, the laptop has gone on sale in the US.

There's only one configuration of the G73 available now - the G73JH-X1. Specs include:

• 17.3-inch screen (1920x1080, LED-backlit)

• Intel Core i7 720QM


• ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB graphics

• 500GB (7200RPM) hard drive

• DVD burner


The tapered G73 design starts at less than an inch but grows as thick as 2.3 inches at its fattest point. And not so unlike that old girlfriend who just pinged you on Facebook, the G73 needs to be seen in person before you can really gauge the body. [Newegg via Laptoping]

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