ARM's CEO Has Incredibly Inflated Expectations For Netbooks

It makes total sense for a CEO to be optimistic about the future of his or her product. But predicting that netbooks will grow from 10 per cent of the PC market to 90 per cent? Warren East, you've gone and lost your mind.

ARM's head honcho made the remark in an interview posted today at PC Pro. His reasoning? Well... there wasn't really any. Not that was reported, at least. Probably because it's an indefensible (though attention-grabbing!) position.

This is nothing against netbooks as a category! They obviously scratch an itch, especially during a down economy. But unless they get significantly more powerful, there's no way they're going to make up the majority of PC sales, much less the super-ultra majority East proposes. And if they do become that much more powerful, are they still netbooks? Or are they ultraportables? Or neither, since all these categories are pretty much arbitrary marketing speak anyway? [PC Pro via Slashdot]

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