Android App Store Is 57% Free Compared To Apple's 25%

App store analytics firm Distimo recently released a bunch of juicy info about the major mobile app stores, and the results are pretty interesting. For one, Android is the place to be for free apps.

This might be the result of Android (and to a lesser extent, Palm) being only free for a period of time before they could get their payment systems up to have developers be able to sell paid apps. Apple and BlackBerry are pretty close with their app stores, however, with free apps that make up 25 per cent and 24 per cent of their respective offerings. But Android still more than doubles that number with 57 per cent.

Surprisingly, the number of free apps doesn't drop the average price paid for paid apps down in Android. Apple's average paid price is $US3.62, while Android's is $US3.27. BlackBerry, on the other hand, shoots way up with an $US8.26 average. This is due to price variations across the app stores for the same app. IM+, for example, is $US4.99 in Apple's store and a whopping $US29.99 in BlackBerry's.

There's some other data about store sizes (spoiler alert: Apple's is still way bigger than anyone else's, even Android, who is in turn bigger than everyone else), but this price and spending data was the most interesting. [Distimo via ReadWriteWeb]

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