Ambient Light: A Pleasant Reminder Your Gadgets Waste Energy

It'll be at least a decade before the Bloom Box solves our energy crisis. In the meantime, you're gonna have to turn off your gadgets. This concept uses ambient light to gently remind you which are still sucking power.

The design bears the creatively sequenced name Saving Energy Multitap, and it's intended as a replacement for your power strip. Instead of letting plugged-in gadgets' extra juice go to waste, the Multitap uses it to power a panel of four ambient lights.

The lights announce which devices are still drawing power, and they double as touch-sensitive switches to turn the electronics off.

The idea is a nice one, but it seems flawed to me; if I have to choose between basking in a soothing orange glow and being 100 per cent energy efficient by turning all my electronics off, I'm not sure I'm always going to make the right choice. [Yanko Design]

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