ACMA Plan On Developing A Parental Lock Standard For Digital TV

ACMA doesn't want the kiddies to be able to watch TV that's meant for adults, so they've decided to develop a parental lock standard for digital TVs. Huzzah for technology!

At the moment, there are already devices on the market that feature a parental lock system, but there's no industry wide standard. And without an industry wide standard, there can be no mandating the parental lock to be a feature.

ACMA have a discussion paper running and are open to comments from interested parties up until April 2. This is actually a pretty good move fr the industry - it's great to enable parents to use technology to help control their children's viewing habits. Although it is a little late - it's not like they're going to be able to retrofit all the current devices without parental controls once they've settled on a standard, and it's not like people are going to upgrade just for this. Still, better late than never...



    Provide tools for parents to use at their own discretion?

    Hang on, this is Australia, I thought we just banned adult material for everyone (games) or censor anything someone makes a complaint about (internet proposal).

    That will be an incredibly huge job. As i can think of it Sony, Microsoft, Apple, All TV manufacturers, and all PVR manufacturers will all have to have a say in it.

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