A Trip Into A Fractal Trillions Larger Than The Known Universe

I haven't had my cereal with funny coloured powder yet and I'm already tripping: Here's a trip into fractal down to a e.214 magnifying factor. If it existed in the real world, it would be trillions larger than the Universe.

The final magnification is e.214. Want some perspective? A magnification of e.12 would increase the size of a particle to the same as the earths orbit! e.21 would make a particle look the same size as the milky way and e.42 would be equal to the universe. This zoom smashes all of them all away. If you were "actually" travelling into the fractal your speed would be faster than the speed of light.

I played it at full screen and my brain started to hurt three minutes into it. Two minutes later, starting to lose my peripheral vision. Five minutes later, cerebral activity went into emergency shut down. [Vimeo via The Nerdcore via Forgetomori via The Presurfer]

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