A DIY Lego Segway Built Entirely From NXT 2.0 Parts

We've seen Segways built partly from Lego before, but a Segway built entirely from the Lego in a standard NXT 2.0 set? That's something special.

What's particularly cool about the NXT Segway is how it balances itself: instead of using a gyro sensor, it leans on the NXT colour Sensor in light sensor mode to detect its angle relative to the ground. It's controllable via Bluetooth, and has that certain Wall-E-esque feel that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Complete instructions to make your own are riiiiiggghhhht here. [NXT Programs via The NXT Step via Make]


    This is very cool. We make a seating system for real segways and I'm really impressed with your control scheme.

    Why not built a bigger version and actually compete with segway ;-)
    The only dificulty would the the weels!

    I take it requires a monochromatic surface to run on?

    Still, very cool, yes.

    Instead, I am amazed on how cool and how well this little gadget works... in fact, I'm going to make two of them for my hamesters and they will be even cooler than those in the Scion commercial, darn it !!

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