A Brief Survey Of Recent Tape-Based Anamorphic Illusions

With just a roll or two of painters tape, some patience, and a willingness to forfeit their apartments' aesthetic respectability (except from a single perspective), some brave souls have created an impressive collection of tape-based illusions. Let's have a look.

The video above shows a Back to the Future-inspired piece featuring an impressively detailed DeLorean. Kudos to YouTube user Wablamo for immortalising everyone's favourite time travelling automobile in such an appropriately mind-boggling medium.

But the true hero of the anamorphic painters tape illusion is a YouTube user who goes by the name of BrussPup. I've watched BrussPup evolve over these last few weeks, from his first experiments in the form - he was, indeed, a mere pup - up through the current moment in which BrussPup stands as a luminary of tape-based illusions.

BrussPup's first piece, "X Room Illusion!", was a relatively simple undertaking but it betrayed the artist's natural ability for such work:

A week later, we were treated to "Crazy Cube Illusion!", a more complex, confident effort that garnered a corresponding increase in YouTube views and blog notoriety:

Emboldened, BrussPup quickly offered up his next piece, "Pac-man Illusion!", which was noteworthy for spanning all the way down his hallway and incorporating a piece reflected by a mirror, which just piled extra mind-boggling on top of the regular mind-blogging to which we had grown accustomed:

BrussPup's most recent piece, "Nintendo Illusion!", is his most ambitious and refined effort to date. In this illusion, BrussPup uses blacklights and white paper to create a glowing Nintendo controller:

There's no telling what's next in the world of tape-based anamorphic illusions. Has BrussPup retired his tape roll forever? Will Wablamo usurp his title as pre-eminent anamoprhic illusionist? Only time will tell. [BrussPup's YouTube Channel and Boing Boing]

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