3D Monitor Fight: Acer GD235HZ Vs Alienware OptX AW2310

The 23.6-inch Acer GD235HZ ($US399) and Alienware OptX AW2310 ($US499) represent the latest gen 3DHD monitors. So which is the better buy for 3D gaming? Tom's Hardware actually likes them both quite a bit.

In their epic review of these 120Hz displays, Tom's gives Acer points for excellent contrast while praising the Alienware for superior colour. Both seem equal in terms of actual 3D (and much improved from the previous generation of 3D LCDs), which makes sense given that two monitors with equal refresh rates and resolution are being driven by identical graphics cards and looked at with identical NVIDIA shutter glasses.

For Tom's, it comes down to amenities, which they feel Alienware nails with extra ports, a nicer build and a swivelling display. I personally just dig that orange finish. Since the OptX AW2310 is on sale for $US450 at the time of this post, it certainly sounds worth the $US50 premium, should you want to enter that whole 3D glasses lifestyle. [Tom's Hardware]

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