10 Days Left To Submit To The R18+ For Games Discussion Paper

If you haven't yet submitted your thoughts as to why Australia needs to update its classifications system and introduce an R18+ rating for video games to the discussion paper, you should probably hurry. Remember, that the deadline for submissions is February 28, which is just 10 days away.

If you're looking for inspiration, David over at Kotaku has been publishing the closing comments from some of his reader's submissions. You should also check out the Bond University report (PDF) for arguments, as well as check out the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association's submission, as well as Electronic Frontiers Australia's draft submission.

Remember to be logical and coherent in your submission - this is an important issue, and even though AG Atkinson will most likely ignore your submission when the issue next comes to vote, it's still best to not give him excuses to claim that gamers are scarier than biker gangs again...


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