Watch The iPhone Swipe A Credit Card

Square, one of a few iPhone peripherals hoping to turn the iPhone into a credit card swiper, sounds promising. But how does it work? YouTube shows us!

Through its own app, Square processes a credit card, produces a receipt and even takes a signature. But as you'll see in this clip, there's one petty but fixable problem to the system - the Square dongle. Watch as Rose needs to steady the plug with his finger to swipe a card without popping it out.

I mention this now because I'm hoping that Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Digg's Kevin Rose - who are both behind the project - don't both have ski house garages full of these horribly designed dongles. Beef up the casing a bit to increase its surface area against the iPhone, just as Mophie has with their recently announced credit card scanner, and everything will be right as rain. [Kevin Rose via Ubgergizmo]



    id be cautious if only for card skimming

    I doubt third party online merchant handler's such as eway would endorse this, let alone banks. New cc's are now using chips, which this won't accept.

    What's wrong with this ?

    You hand it over to the buyer to sign & it gets dropped.

    They don't hand it back (I meant THEFT)

    The seller isn't entering actual authorization numbers, to begin the transaction - just like a normal terminal. Security flaw straight off.

    If you're self employed you can hire via a bank a 'proper' mobile cc/eftpos terminal for $25/month. Any cc company like Visa/Mastercard that lets this toy onto the masses - would have to ask for higher surcharges which would outweigh the cost benefit... let alone that in this instance, convenience(laziness) seems far more important than security.

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