Wall Of iPads Could Be Used In Libraries To Display iBooks

If only Apple had recreated its app wall from WWDC last year, but with iPads! The 300 iPads used in this concept wall from Australian architects would cost $US149,700 if it was real. Apple could've afforded it, I'm sure.

ClarkeHopkinsClarke, the Aussie architects who mocked up the above concept wall, believe it'd be the perfect installation for a library, with hundreds of different ebooks displayed. But that's not the end of this story - due to the size and weight of the iPad, we could be seeing a lot of innovative uses for them, as interactive wallpaper in clubs, teaching aides in schools, and so on. There's the small hurdle of cost, of course. [ClarkeHopkinsClarke via TUAW]


    Just a "small hurdle of cost"!?! As much I'd like to dream of a world of unicorns and flying pigs a local library that has the funding for a wall of anything is less likely.

    Also wouldnt it be nice to have some kind of sitting-down device while your reading your 300 page book of Harry Potter or Twilight. We could call it an iSeat (and could only be used when you use iTunes).

    But Im sure it would be great to see the orgiastic display of 300 people cramming themselves over, under and every which side-ways to use their own personal bit of wall. I already feel sorry for the people lying on the bottom to get to those floor screens.

    Some things should follow usability first and gimmickery second.

    That's a whole lot of bezel

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