US Airways Saves Flight From Dangerous Xbox 360 Threat

Adam was flying out of Boston on US Airways, and he checked his Xbox 360 with his luggage. When he got home, he found a ziploc bag full of little metal components on top of a newly broken Xbox 360.

He is understandably pissed off, and US Airways has essentially told him to piss off because it was done for security reasons. Of course! We all know that if an Xbox 360 is checked, it could be used by the pilots, which would be distracting and dangerous. Only by rendering it inoperable was US Airways able to keep our skies safe. Thanks, you wonderful, sensible airline! [Consumerist]


    Does anyone else notice there is a butt of a hammer and some blue handled pliers in that picture?

      Very good pickup!!! Seems someone isn't telling the whole truth here.

        Thats because that picture is old as the internet itself, not the picture of said broken xbox

    Anyone say PS3 fanboy??

    ...or like myself in this situation, would have taken the managled wreck to my workbench to sob over it...hence the tools in the picture. Least this time it wasnt taken outside and shot Israeli-MacBook style ;)

    I'm sure I've seen that picture before... I don't think that's the one from the story.

      The pic has been used previously in an unrelated story. It's just here as illustration.

    Travel insurance?

    this horse obviously needs another beating if it is still going on.

    It's because us customers of the airline system are forced through so much useless and ineffective stupiditiy in the name of security. Not only that but there is absolutely no accountability. The whole thing is beaurocracy at it's worst (best?). Everyone loathes it, few actually believe it does any good.

    As I said we are forced through these BS processes so all we can do is complain, like this blog.

      Keep in mind that most of the security issues are with TSA, and government regulations, not the airlines themselves. However they will try to shoot themselves in the foot if given a chance.

    1. Was said X360 in a protective box?

    2. Was it packed in a crush-resistant bag or suitcase?

    3. Was it intelligently packed inside his bag/case?

    I would guess that this kid, who should've provided a photo or two of said X360 to this "professional" blogger, most likely did not think about the certainty that his precious console would be stuffed inside the belly of a plane with a couple thousand lbs. of luggage.

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