Windows Mobile Texts From 2016 Are A Bug, Not A Feature

Sorry to burst your warp bubble, bucko, but that text message you received the other day from a mobile phone user in the year 2016 was just some stupid bug.

According to non-official sources (MS has yet to comment), some mobile users are receiving text messages sent after 1/1/2010 dated as though they were sent from the future, specifically 1/1/2016.

The latest reports state the most widely-affected user group are those using Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5. The folks at WMExperts have posted a homemade .cab file that purportedly fixes the bug, but again, nothing official from MS or handset manufacturers just yet. [WMExperts via Pocket Now via BGR]


    Aghhh! Not another Windows Mobile bug.

    It's kind of ironic that Microsoft's Windows Mobile, the most old-fashioned of all the phone operating systems (it still has a PDA interface that uses a stylus pen), would be inflicted with this problem.

    It's like the phone OS of the past receiving messages from the future!

    Coincidence that the BoQ EFTPOS machines were all thinking it was 2016 as well????

    "Thousands of Eftpos machines stopped processing sales after a glitch made the internal clock jump six years to January 1, 2016.

    As none of the credit or debit cards currently on issue will be valid in 2016, the machines refused to process transactions because the Eftpos and credit cards were ''expired''."

    Heard about this bug, thankfully it didnt happen to my phone.
    @ craig, dont know what you mean by pda interface, but you clearly havent used winmo 6.5 :D

    Strange... I wonder if the EFTPOS use Windows CE based OS.

    Can you count in HEX?

    123456789ABCDEF? 9 HEX = 9 Decimal, but 10 HEX is, you guessed it, 16 in Decimal.


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