The Price Of Apple MacBook Pros Around The World

Brazil is one of my favourite countries. Cool people, great music, heavenly beaches and caipirinhas. But if you have to buy a Mac, you are screwed. And like this graphic shows, it's the same in other places in the world.

Brazil wins, however: The price of one MacBook Pro 17-inch there buys you two identical models in the US. It's the same with other Apple products, so if you can't live without your Apple fix, you better move to another country.

I'd take the caipirinhas and the beaches, thank you very much. [cmyplay—Thanks]



    I use to live in Brazil before move down under and 3 years ago it's cheaper to fly to US, spend 4 days there, buy a Macbook and return to Brazil. That's exactly what I've done and that's why I don't complain about the aussie prices compared to US, specially if we remember that AU price includes GST and US price doesn't include the sale tax (from 0% up to 11.5%, according Wikipedia).

    yeh but i still dont wanna spend $80 on a game when u can get it for $50 in the states, thats y i love steam. now if only they sold hardwear with us pricing

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