The PoMMeS Tablet Isn't The Apple Tablet You Were Hoping For

Those French. When they're not making it difficult to order a croissant, they're busy populating the FCC with puntastic tablets. The French company Thomson and Technicolor's PoMMeS tablet (pommes, of course, being French for "apple") looks like a bad knock-off.

According to the FCC description, the PoMMeS tablet measures eight inches, with an 800 x 480 LCD touchscreen (complete with stylus), and VoIP video conferencing via the built-in webcam and speakers. It'll be capable of streaming video no doubt, and doing the usual web browsing that's become standard for tablets.

Inside that shiny plastic monochrome body is a Texas Instruments DaVinci and Xilinx logic chip, with the usual ports included. Really, it's not worth getting excited over - it's just the daring cheek of Thomson to name their product the PoMMeS tablet which is making me laugh. [FCC via Technabob]

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