The Laptop To End All Laptops

The Laptop To End All Laptops

It’s only a proof of concept, but this is a laptop with a clear OLED screen – a stone’s throw from those floating 3D displays of Avatar. Practical? Not necessarily. The future? OBVIOUSLY.

The resolution, I don’t know. It’s pixely, but let’s not quibble.

You see right through the thing, then something appears on the screen (like a white background), and you can’t see through it anymore.

Are you processing this? No, you can’t be. It’s only 2010. Man wasn’t prepared for this kind of technology yet. The brain hasn’t evolved enough. We’re primates. Squirrels. Slugs.

Maybe in 100 or 200 years, the great artists of the world will reflect on what’s happened today and make some sort of sense of it all. Until then, we’ll just keep on breathing, in, out. Until then, we’ll weep.