Syabas' Popbox Media Streamer Looks Great

That freshly popped Popbox media streamer looks as good connected to a TV as we were hoping for yesterday. Shown off at the CES Unveiled stand, the size difference between the last model was noticeable, and yup, the price is $US130.

I had a quick fiddle with the remote on the stand, with the screen-hopping proving fast and the interface just as fresh as the Popcorn Hour. There are little tweaks on the interface, animations that you're not quite expecting - like in the weather - which made me quite shocked that they're only asking $US130 for it.

Netflix, Facebook and Twitter are supported, and as you can see from the screengrabs over here it's laid out in a really nice, clean manner. Further driving the point home was the popcorn machine on the stand, as you can see in the last pic. Smells gooood.

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