Sungworld Android Tablet Apes Apple In Form And Function

Forget the fact that, for most of 2010, most tablets not branded Apple will be, fairly or unfairly, swept under the rug. OK, with that out of the way, here's a peek at Sungworld's upcoming 7-inch Android tablet:

It's Apple-esque in the hardware department, sort of, and the same can be said of the UI, although there's no video of it in action just yet.

Inside that thick, thick shell is an ARM926 CPU, 128MB memory and 2GB storage. colour selection will include pink, blue, green, black, purple and blue, so it's got that on the mythical, all but confirmed Apple Tablet, in any event.

No pricing information is available to us at the moment, but... hey, what's this thing over here that everyone's talking about on Wednesday? [Shanzaiben I4U via Engadget]

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