Steve Jobs Gets Candid On iPad, Kindle And Love Battery Life

Steve Jobs Gets Candid On iPad, Kindle And <strike>Love</strike> Battery Life

Walt Mossberg was able to get a moment with Steve Jobs immediately after Wednesday’s iPad event, and was able to get some great unscripted commentary from the Apple honcho on the iPad and its competition.

The interview portion starts at 1:55. Most impressive to me is how dismissive Jobs is of the only clear advantages Kindle has right now. Ten hours of battery life versus a week on Kindle? Ptttthhhhpppt. “You’re not going to read for 10 hours.” And yes, he is talking to you, specifically. Kindle books currently priced five dollars less than iBooks? HA! “The prices will be the same”, although what that price will be and how that gap will be closed remain a mystery. But it’s been decreed, so there you go.

My other favourite part is Jobs encouraging Mossberg to write his review on a tablet, which is something we knew would happen, and which would also likely take months to accomplish. [All Things D]