Sony Bloggie Camcorders Have A Crap Name But Great Specs

Last year, Sony threw us the Webbie mini camcorder. This year, it's the Bloggie. Will next year's pico-camcorder be called the Tweetie? The RSSfeedie? The Faxmachinie?

There's three Bloggie models this year, the MHS-PM5, MHS-PM5K and MHS-CM5. All three film in 1080p video and take 5-megapixel photos,

The lenses of the PM5 and PM5K swivel in 270 degrees for that perfect "MySpace snap" that the Bloggie users will be craving, and are connectible via USB to both PC and Mac. What separates the PM5 and PM5K is that the latter can shoot 360-degree videos via a lens adaptor.

SteadyShot image stabilisation is only available when shooting in the 720p resolution with 30fps, so watch out for those shaky hands when shooting in 1080p with 30fps. Six-inch LCD screens feature on all models and the CM5 one also has an HDMI connector. Available in February, the pricing hasn't been confirmed, though with last year's Webbie coming in at $US170 and $US200, the Bloggies should be roughly the same amount. [Sony]

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