Slate Showdown: iPad Vs HP Slate Vs JooJoo Vs Android

Everybody's talking about tablets, especially those single-pane capacitive touchscreen ones more specifically known as "slates". The iPad is the biggest news maker, but there are lots headed our way (most with built-in webcams). Here's how they measure up, spec-wise:

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As you can see, they have different strengths and weaknesses, some of which will become more clear in the coming months as we learn more about each tablet. (That Dell Mini 5 is especially inscrutable right now.)

The iPad has the most storage, cheap 3G, the time-tested iPhone OS and its mountain of apps, and a serious amount of Apple marketing juice behind it. But it's also famously lacking features common to the other tablets, such as webcam and multitasking. The Notion Ink Adam is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch, with its dual-function transflective screen from Pixel Qi: It can be either a normal LCD or, with the flick of a switch, an easy-on-the-eyes reflective LCD that resembles e-ink. Its hardware is also surprisingly impressive - but it remains to be seen if Android is really the right OS for a 10-inch tablet.

The Dell Mini 5 and forthcoming Android edition of the Archos 7 tablet are two of a kind, almost oversized smartphones in their feature sets. Is an extra two or three inches of screen real estate worth the consequent decrease in pocketability? Perhaps not. And finally, there's the maligned JooJoo, formerly the CrunchPad, a bit of an oddball as the only web-only device in the bunch. It doesn't really have apps, can't multitask, and pretty much confines you to an albeit fancy browser, sort of like Chrome OS will. The JooJoo is also the only tablet here to have no demonstrated way to read ebooks.

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A quick word about "slates" vs "tablets": These are tablets, and it's a word we prefer. The sad fact is, it's overused. There's no way to say "tablet" without including every godawful stylus-based convertible laptop built since 2002. (Thank you, Bill Gates!) And even the new touchscreen tablets come in single-pane and keyboard-equipped laptop styles. So "slate", good or bad, is the more apt term.



    You forgot to point out the fact that android will see flash, problem is no one seems to know when..Including Adobe

    Going off specs alone, you gotta say the Norton Ink Adam is in front. I'm not saying it's the best device (hell, how many people have actually used all or any of these to make that statement) - I'm just saying, when you line them up like that, with the exception of maybe flash (I keep hearing mixed things about flash on android), everything that is a shortcoming on the iPad is fixed in the Norton. Multi-tasking, cameras, USB, HDMI out, SD card reader, etc.
    But not only does it have those bonus features, it keeps pace with everything the iPad does right. Both have processors built on the 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 SOC, both have app stores (ok, so Apples is probably a bit bigger, but then android doesnt have the draconian approval process, so I guess you award points to whichever YOU think is better - me I'm calling it a tie), weight 1.5 to 1.7 pounds - pretty much the same, slight apple advantage, battery life - very similar.
    screen - now this is tricky IMO. If you're NOT planning on using this for ebooks, the point to Apple (that IPS screen looks amazing despite its 4:3 screen ratio), but if you do plan on reading this than point to Norton and Pixel Qi.

    Wow, I didnt mean to write so much, sorry. Anyway, I tried to be objective here, I doubt anyone can disagree that ON PAPER the Norton looks like a superior device

      "both have app stores (ok, so Apples is probably a bit bigger, but then android doesnt have the draconian approval process, so I guess you award points to whichever YOU think is better – me I’m calling it a tie)"

      A tie?!?! I have a Droid and an iPod Touch. The app stores aren't even comparable. iTunes has over a 140k apps, Android market just over 10k. And only a handful are any good. No quality games, and filled with tons of crap and spam apps. If you actually compare the two the Android market really sucks.

      Software makes the device, iPhone OS supports much more for gaming, and a deep rich app market. The hardware differences are mean very little if there is nothing do on it. They all surf, email ect..., but iPad is going be a portable gaming device. The others aren't, and flash games aren't going to bridge the distance.

        lol, iPad a "Portable gaming device" If you want one of those, you should get a DS or a PSP. Maybe even the HP slate, because that has flash, and it supports all the windows games. AND YES, flash game make a BIG difference, and the ability to watch flash movies.

    Can I sketch on any of these? The iPad has brushes, but no web cam, and as I use Skype daily this is a must.

      You can sketch on the hp tablet out of the box, its running windows 7 so it will have paint. Probably its even possible to (sluggishly) run higher end software like adobe photoshop etc.

    I too think flash is a critical point. I can just imagine playing "The Space Game" on a tablet, or "Desktop Tower Defender".

    Apple is losing big on this issue, as are the Android devices. I have more faith that flash will be coming to Android soon.

    Why not just by a Nokia N800 on eBay? The processor is a little old, but the 800x480 resolution is not bad and it takes 2 SD cards for storage. It includes Skype and VOIP support. WiFi, but no 3G.

    Of course if you want the 3G, just buy an N900.

    The real irony here, is that the HP Slate because of it's PC architecture could be set to run any flavour of linux, or even MacOS X with Bootcamp.

    It's lack of 3G and SD can easily be made up for with some very simple dongles, that will be far cheaper than anything Apple releases for the iPad, and the 3G will also be "untethered".

    Plus it'll have stylus support and handwriting recognition... Win!

    wow andriod doesn't have flash??

    while I hate apple's closedness, there is a little "well android doesn't have this feature?" "yeah but it COULD because its open!"

    coulda shoulda woulda. put up or shut up! at least apple doesn't run on promises of what is possible in theory, they present a complete product.

    also, According to that, the HP slate = WIN!?

    I wouldn't underestimate windows 7's touch interface ability, with all the work they did with surface, I heard they integrated alot of that stuff into win7.

    Well I was thinking HP's 'Slate' was looking the best. Mainly because it's running Windows and I just find that very convenient. But it's got all the right features, at least (USB, multitouch, connectivity).

    i own an iPhone and was very excited about the iPad (pre-public introduction) now i'm thinking I might get better usability out of something like the HP Slate.

    "The ipad has the most storage" ??
    For sure the archos will be between 8Gb ( the one you saw on pre order in the UK) and 250 or 500gb as it is the case for all the other archos device

    "cheap 3G meaning" what ?

    I'll tell you my opinion,

    the second i heard that the iPad was going to be running the iPhone's OS, i was immediately disappointed. I wanted something with basically a full PC/MAC feel, a slate/tablet with a FULL OS. this seems to be the case with HP's Slate.

    As much as i like my android, i dont think i would enjoy it as much in a tablet form... as there are features from my home PC i'd like to carry with me.
    Truthfully, give me WiFi and i'm happy, i'm usually not in a spot long enough to warrant NEEDING 3G data service, if so, i'd just get Clear's new 4G wireless internet and call it a day. If i need a map, i've got my phone, and for that matter, could just tether that to transmit WiFi and be done with that either way.

    Personally, i'd wait to see and touch all of these devices before debating and jumping into a Fan Boy war.

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