Sending A Text Message To Canada Saved A Woman In Haiti

A Canadian woman trapped under rubble after the recent earthquake in Haiti managed to send out a text message to the Foreign Affairs Department in Ottawa, a place nearly 5000km away. And it saved her life.

Once received, the text message was relayed to Canadian diplomats back in Haiti who then provided aid in the search for the woman. There's not much more information beyond that, but it's simply good to hear even the tiniest bit of encouraging and happy news in regards to this devastating event - particularly when it shows that a gadget and solid communication between diplomats can save a life.

Also, we've mentioned it before, but a reminder doesn't hurt: If you'd like to donate to an organisation that can help in this situation, here are some ways to do so:

MSF/Doctors Without BordersSave The Children Australia • Online tech store SmallDog, who is matching any MSF/DWB donations up to $US200

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