SarcMark: For When You're Not Smart Enough To Express Sarcasm Online

This is a great idea (insert Sarcmark). Rather than actually using language to express sarcasm online, now you can buy an "official" punctuation mark to represent when you try to be funny online with sarcasm, but fail miserably.

For $US1.99 you get to download the symbol, which looks like an inverted foetus, and use it to illustrate your fantastic control over the English language every time you go online (insert Sarcmark).

Honestly, I don't understand why this isn't already an official part of keyboards and fonts around the world already (insert Sarcmark).

[Sarcmark via Defamer]


    This could actually work unlike sarcasm fonts which wouldn't work in applications like Twitter, Facebook, etc where HTML tags aren't allowed.

    Can you see the Sarcmark if someone else uses it, but you don't have it installed on your computer?

      >> Can you see the Sarcmark if someone else uses it, but you don’t have it installed on your computer?

      no, the whole point of their marketing is to try and encourage everyone to buy it. the really stupid thing is that the only people who buy it are people who aren't able to voice sarcasm properly in normal english.
      oh my, what a wonderful idea, it shall surely improve the quality of internet messages everywhere. ;)

    The problem with a sarcmark is that sarcasm is a kind of irony; you develop an understanding with your audience that your real meaning is different to your stated meaning. In the case of sarcasm, the real meaning is the exact opposite of the stated one.

    If you hang a sarcmark on the end of your sentence you make your meaning explicit, removing the irony and therefore the sarcasm.

    Unless of course the sarcmark was developed sarcastically, and we've all played right into their hands...

    An invention presumably targeted at an American user base with the aim to help them grasp the concept of sarcasm.

    You proved that SarcMark is a valuable tool. Thanks for convincing me to buy it.

    Luckily there is a free, open-source punctuation already available for sarcasm:!

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