Samsung's LED LCD HDTV Lineup: The 9000 Does 3D And Has An Input-Previewing Touch Remote

Samsung's LED LCD televisions are here and the flagship 9000 is a doozy. It's the only one they're calling "ultra thin", has 3D support in late 2010 and a touch remote that shows you content from other video sources!

The thinness is achieved by shoving lots of guts into the pedestal, which doubles as a wall mount. The set can convert 2D content into 3D, although I'm sure of dubious quality. The remote looks rather Apple-ish in UI, but it can show you, as I said before, content from other sources. It has 240Hz tech, which we've never noticed as important in image quality, but it's there. No word on sizes or prices, yet. There's Samsung app support, but platforms like these are never really well supported. The frame is very shiny.

The rest:

8000 Series: Not as thin as the 9000, it uses edge lit technology and has what Samsung claims is the advantage of backlighting with localised dimming. 240Hz. No prices or sizes. 3D, and treatment to upconvert 2D to 3D. Samsung apps.

7000 Series: No edgelit with localised dimming advantages as in the 8000. 240Hz. No prices or sizes. 3D and treatment to upconvert 2D to 3D. Samsung apps. "Touch of Colour" translucent frame from last year, with a new four-legged stand.

6500 Series: 120Hz, "touch of color" finish. DLNA streaming capabilities. Apps. No 3D. No prices or sizes. Coming the first half of 2010, unlike the above which are coming in "2010".

5000 Series: Focus on low power usage, including a low power monitor. DLNA and USB port media playback.

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