Samsung HZ-Series Have Enough Optical Zoom For Creepstering

Samsung announced a few new point-and-shoot cameras today, none of which are really fascinating but all of which seem pretty solid. The HZ-series is the standout, packing GPS geotagging and a huge 15x optical zoom.

There are five new cameras in total, in three lines. The most interesting ("interesting" being comparative here) is the HZ-series, which features a 12-megapixel sensor, 15x optical zoom, a 24mm wide-angle lens, 3-inch AMOLED (or LCD) screen and in the higher-end model, GPS geotagging. They'll be available in March for an as yet undetermined price.

The other two lines are your bog-standard ultra-thin and budget models, with 12-megapixel or 14-megapixel sensors, 720p video recording, 5x optical zoom and Sammy's image stabilisation tech. They are incredibly boring, and will be boringly released in boring February for a boring undetermined price. [Samsung]

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