Saitek X65F 'stick Requires Only The Subtlest Of Touches

Much like the multi-million dollar jet systems that inspired it, the Saitek Pro Flight X65F joystick/throttle system for PCs doesn't move at all. That's right, not an inch, and yet the controls were compared to mind control. [ars technica]

The X65F uses "force sensing" tech, just like military planes today. In layman's terms, that means no moving parts.

Apply subtle pressure to the 'stick, and your plane banks and turns on a dime.

Twist the controller for precise rudder control, writes ars technica, and then before you know it the joystick is performing almost like an extension of your hand.

Dual engine control for games that support it, or lock them together for games that don't.

Saitek claims that with the X65F there are 608 possible commands a player can issue without ever taking their hands off the controls.

And while the X65F won't cost you millions, it certainly isn't cheap at $US400. This is not including the optional "Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panels" that you can bolt on the back for a crazy amount of realism. [Saitek via ars technica]

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