Rumour: WinMo7 Will Have Gestures, Really Be Debuted In February

There's still some question about whether Windows Mobile 6.6 or Windows Mobile 7 will be shown in February, but a solid tipster just told us that it will be WM7. And then he describes it.

Here are a couple things described about WinMo 7 that mesh with the rumours we've heard before. First, it'll have the Natal-like gestures to be able to use the phone without touching it. We first heard about gestures on WM7 two years ago, and then sprinkled about the rumours in the past year.

Then, he says that you won't be able to upgrade to Windows Mobile 7, because the OS actually requires you to have better hardware (faster processor, more memory, etc) and includes support for the motion-sensing gestures above.

This bit also meshes with the rumoured specs of the "Zune phone", which is basically Windows Mobile 7. From that rumour:

ARM v6+ processor, with an Open GL ES 2.0-capable graphics chip-this may be the TI3430 or the Nvidia Tegra. To show all the eye candy there will be a 3.5" 800 x 480 or 854 x 480 pixels touchscreen. The specification also points out at other things in Pink, like 3-megapixel camera, GPS, light sensor, 3-axis compass, accelerometer, USB, Bluetooth, and full Wi-Fi support.

But then how does that account for the HD2, which HTC Russia claimed will be getting a WM7 upgrade? Because HD2 is basically the top of the line right now, which - looking at its specs - put it into the Windows Mobile 7–capable category.

So yes, it seems like we'll be seeing Windows Mobile 7 at Mobile World Congress in February. It better be pretty damn good for Microsoft's projection of being able to regain 25 per cent of the phone market by 2014.

Thanks tipster!



    The demo of this better be good, because at the moment WinMo is almost completely off my future radar. I bought a HD2 late last year, and while the hardware itself is decent enough compared to the iPhone (I love being able to see websites properly on the screen, for example) WinMo is complete and utter garbage in almost every other way.

    Windows Mobile is like a circus. It's permanently surrounded by bizarrities and fiasco.

    Could you imagine Microsoft's Natal on a mobile phone? Users would have to perform dance-like gyrations to make the phone work. That would be even worse than the current Windows Mobile that forces people to use a stylus pen to operate a telephone.

    Microsoft and HTC have spread the rumors that the HD2 will be upgradable. Both companies have not had the guts to come out and say it as an official announcement, because they don't want to be locked into honoring that pledge.

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