Road Signs To Tell It Like It Is This Year

With an unexpected snowfall blanketing much of the East Coast on the US for New Years, someone - either a traffic worker with a sense of humour or an average Joe with a sense of civil duty - reprogrammed this New England traffic sign.

This time last year we posted a quick bit on how weirdly easy it was to hack road signs. Before that post lead to the rash of hacks, usually featuring some permutation of zombies, Nazis and the Apocalypse, Mark mused:

You should never hack a road sign as part of a prank. But what if you know that there really are Zombies ahead? What then??

Well, it seems like some New Englander found that the roads were, in fact, wicked slippery and thought it prudent to warn his fellow drivers such. A further message to my driving bros: Winter driving is hella dangerous as it is, save the texting for when you reach your destination. [Reddit]

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