Remainders – The Things We Didn’t Post: Eurotrip Edition

Remainders – The Things We Didn’t Post: Eurotrip Edition

In today’s Remainders: The Old World. We visit Michael Dell in Switzerland showing off the Dell Mini 5. We swing by Germany,to see Hitler’s take on the iPad and 10,000 watts of homemade light-porn. Last stop: Russia!

It’ll Be Out In a Couple of Months
TechCrunch caught up with Michael Dell at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, where Dell was sporting fingerless gloves (as well as the forthcoming Dell Mini 5). We’ve already seen the Android-powered Mini 5 and got to play with it a bit, so there’s not too much to get excited about in this clip. But it does present us with some small pleasures. One of them being Dell’s suggestion that the Mini 5 will be coming to the States in a matter of months. The other is how awkward things get when the interviewer asks what processor is inside the Mini 5. The video cuts off pretty abruptly at the end, so further awkwardness is left to the viewer’s imagination. I’m cringing just thinking about it. [CrunchGear] [imgclear]

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