Remainders - The Good, Bad And Ugly Things We Didn't Post

In today's Remainders: the fastest text messengers in the world; PC sales are up, but the PCs are smaller and cheaper; Calvin and Hobbes's snowman violence realised; and hacked billboards with hardcore porn bring Moscow traffic to a standstill.

Texting Frenzy LG hosted the Mobile World Cup Championship in New York City yesterday, the most intense showdown in all of competitive texting. SMS superstars from all over the globe showed up to compete. South Korea took home the championship, though team America came in second took home $US20,000 for their nimble-fingered efforts. The press release from LG also states that Pedro Matias, a 27-year-old Portuguese man, set the world record for speed texting by typing 264 characters in 1 minute and 59 seconds. If you just said, "Waitasecond!," well, you're right to; we assume there's a typo in there somewhere, because our very own John Herrman just ran a little time trial and smoked Matias's time by a good 30 seconds. [Engadget]

Sales Surge Gartner research put together this chart showing the surge in PC sales in the last quarter of 2009, as compared to the last quarter of 2008: this year's numbers were up 22 per cent. But before you declare the recession over, take note that this increase in sales is largely inflated by the ubiquity of affordable netbooks last year. Reflecting this, Gartner reports that the average price of the computers sold dropped from $US771 in 2008 to $US709 in 2009. Sure, we're buying more PCs, but they're smaller, cheaper ones. [Fast Company]

Snow Cartoons Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes, always had it out for snowmen, and now a similarly disgruntled soul has realised Calvin's scenes of snowman destruction. This compilation of 38 snowmen nightmares just might bring you a little joy when you're freezing your arse off this winter. [Web Urbanist]

Jammed Late last night, hackers gained access to video billboards on one of Moscow's busiest thoroughfares, Garden Ring Road, and replaced advertisements with porno clips. The smut played for nearly 20 minutes until, the company that runs the billboards, managed to shut the signs down, but by that point automobile traffic had screeched to a halt. Panno's commercial director, Viktor Lapte, isn't sure if it was the work of random hooligans or competing billboard companies. I'm going to say it wasn't the competition, because this is probably the most attention Panno's billboards have found in a while. [Google]

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