Remainders: Our Job Just Got Harder Edition

In today's Remainders, David Pogue is distressed about the Nook's weight problems, America's Cup entrants ditch sails for wings, Engadget spots an HP Smartbook on the FCC's site, and iLounge coughs up some unconvincing Tablet rumours.

Heavy Being a gadget blogger can be tough. We're talking sitting-cross-legged-all-day, sharing-one-3G-dongle-to-four-of-us, popping-Modafinil-to-stay-awake-at-CES tough. But according to the Times's David Pogue, our lives just got tougher. Why? As the Times's David Pogue says, "bogus measurements". That is, a bogus measurement of the Barnes & Noble Nook, which the company advertised as weighing 11.2 ounces (317.5 grams) but which actually weighs, according to Pogue's rogue measurement, 12.1 ounces (343 grams). "So what does this mean," Pogue asks. "Are we now supposed to quintuple our workload by re-testing every gadget we're sent?" Probably not. But just keep in mind that that gadget you're coveting might not quite measure up to what the manufacturer is reporting. [New York Times]

Winged Victory The America's Cup, an international sailing race, is easing up on the rules this year, allowing for vessels with higher tech and more unique designs. BMW's Oracle Racing team is taking advantage of this by replacing their sail with a 58m carbon fibre and Kevlar wing. Besides being a looking cool and being cool, the new wing works cool: Whereas traditional canvas sails were constantly readjusted by dudes with really strong arms for maximum speed, the wing is readjusted via computer and can make the ships up to 5 per cent faster. Still, though, you have to ask yourself where we're gonna draw the line. Without sails flapping in the wind, it's hard for me to really consider this sailing at all. [Pop Sci]

Patent Hunting Engadget, vanguards of FCC filings, noticed that an entry for a Hewlett-Packard smartbook showed up today, dubbed the Compaq AirLife 100. It seems from the filing that the machine might end up on AT&T's network. Engadget was reminded of an Android-running, Snapdragon-snapping HP smartbook they had a hands-on with at CES, natch. Could this be that machine, in all of its line diagram glory? Only time will tell. [Engadget]

Tablet Litter iLounge wrote a lot of words about the Apple Tablet. Here are some of them: "double dock connectors", "antennas", "subsidy", "services fees". We're all for a good rumour, but it's hard to get excited about other peoples' rumours when they're not even excited about them themselves. [iLounge]

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